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Honored to have one of my photos chosen for the Southern California Haiku Study Group’s 2017 ECLIPSE MOON Anthology!

The SCHSG was started by Jerry Ball in 1997 after he advertised that a haiku start-up group would be meeting in a bookstore in Long Beach, California.  He was the only member for several months until Peggy Hehman-Smith joined him.  The Southern California Haiku Study Group has been meeting on the 3rd Saturday of the month ever since.

The launch and reading of the Anthology will be November 19, 2017, at the Throop Unitarian Universalist Church, 300 S. Los Robles, Pasadena. from 3:00 to 5:00 PM.  Open to the public.

Thank you Scott and Debbie for this honor!


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under the weather



under the weather

falling leaves

on top of last year’s

falling leaves


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Super Mom

Told Mom there was a Super Moon tonight. I wanted her to see it, share it with her, talk about it like we used to do.

“What’s wrong with the moon? Is something going to happen? Is it alright?” There was a bit of urgency in her voice.

“Nothing’s wrong with the moon, Mom. It’s orbiting close to the earth and appears bigger and brighter than usual. It won’t be this close to earth again for twenty more years.”

“Well, I better go see it then. I’m not gonna hang around that long. Take me outside.”

It occurred to me that Mom had not been out of the nursing home at night in a long time. I took her through the front door and stopped her wheelchair just before the sidewalk. The moon was brilliant, hovering just above a tree. The warm night air surrounded her.

“Is that it? It’s so bright. It’s almost too bright!”

Being legally blind for so many years, I wondered if she could only see the blurred glow of the light and not realize the magnificence of it’s size.

She shrugged her shoulders and seemed to be satisfied that the moon was not going to blow up or crash into the earth.

super moon
mom’s first night out
in years

Version 2

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On the Beach


on the beach alone

I realize

I am ten years older..

taking care of mom

walking on the beach TPOS

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black friday
just another day
in the forest

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different shades

different shades

of autumn leaves

mother’s withered hands

across the dusty

piano keys

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winter clouds

winter clouds
how big we think we are
how small
we really are

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